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Reasonable arrangement of production
The production arrangement of printing workshop must be undertaken by a person who understands printing, is familiar with printing technology and has rich printing experience. Only in this way can we reasonably arrange the production tasks, make full use of the printing press capacity and improve the production efficiency. In the arrangement of production tasks, we should pay attention to the following matters.
Print with a certain amount of paper
When printing thick paper, the tooth row tension is large and the spring pressure is high. After printing the live parts of thick paper, the force of the tooth row holding the paper suddenly decreases, and the spring pressure will also decrease. This frequent increase and decrease of the spring pressure and the force of the tooth row holding the paper will damage the tooth row and affect the overprint accuracy of the printing machine.
Therefore, when arranging production tasks, printing enterprises should try their best to arrange thick paper work in one printing machine and thin paper work in another printing machine. If there is only one printing machine, a work piece with moderate paper quantity should be added between thick paper work and thin paper work, so as to have a certain cushion for the teeth to pick up paper, It can also avoid frequent adjustment of the printing press, resulting in lower production efficiency.
2. The same size of live parts should be printed together
By printing the same size of live parts together, we can avoid printing the inverted side rule of live parts, the rule of paper feeding and receiving parts, the size of inking area, etc., which can not only reduce waste, but also improve production efficiency.
3 ink close to the live parts together
If the ink color is close to the live parts, they can be printed together, so that after changing the live parts, they don't need to spend a lot of time to run the ink color. Sometimes, they can run the ink color well just by walking through the master paper once, which improves the printing speed and saves time.
4. Printing according to sample first, and printing after client's signature
Many live parts need to be colored by the client. Sometimes when the ink color runs well, it needs to wait for the client to confirm. It takes a lot of time. Therefore, it is generally necessary to first print the live parts that do not need to be followed by customers, and then drive out the simple live parts.
In short, how to make production tasks should be based on the captain's experience and the specific live parts. The captain should read the production task list carefully, understand the specific requirements of live parts, and make preparations in advance, so as to maintain high quality and high efficiency printing.
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